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What for some is an absolute no-go during sex, for others it means total ecstasy. A very delicate sex fetish is called Golden Shower. You always wanted to know what it is? Here we explain what lies behind the practice.

This is what a Golden Shower is

Golden Shower is a sex practice where you pee on your partner or get pissed on by your partner. This practice is also known as golden shower irradiation and is also called urophilism (urine preference). Lovers of this practice find it sexually exciting to urinate on the partner or to receive the urine. Some like to take urine orally or feel it all over their body. The fascination lies in the play with power and submission. As a submissive part or masochist one enjoys being pissed on and in a predisposition to sadism the excitement consists in dominating and humiliating the other. Also the smell and taste of the urine is felt by many as very pleasant and lustful. In the BDSM scene, of course, the rule of mutual agreement applies. Urophilists (as urine lovers call themselves) easily find like-minded people within the community and agree on corresponding practices and integrate them into their role-plays. Outside the scene it is not easy to find a partner who prefers a Golden Shower or is willing to try one. Here, of course, the principle of mutual agreement applies.

What you should know about the Golden Shower VR experience

You could imagine trying out the Golden Shower or did your partner give you the idea? Then I would like to give you some things to consider. It is very important that you make the whole thing consensual. If your partner has been wanting you to pee on him for a long time and its absolutely unpleasant for you, then you have to tell him that. It is important that you are honest and do not humiliate yourself for his sake if that goes against your grain. On the other hand, you should accept it if your partner doesnt want to try it out. Everyone has certain limits in bed. Urine consists of waste products from the human body. They are excreted because humans no longer need them. Urea is usually sterile and should not cause major damage to health if it is taken in again. However, it is also not advisable to drink large amounts of it. Doctors advise against drinking urine from sick people. People infected with hepatitis B can pass on the disease in this way. In naturopathy there are followers of urine therapy who hope that regular drinking of urine will cure various ailments. However, this is not medically proven. In general, you should only practice this practice if both of you are healthy and have no venereal diseases. If you decide with your partner to implement the Golden Shower, you should either do so in the bathroom or cover your bed accordingly well with foil or a waterproof sheet*. Latex is also suitable. It is very popular in the scene because of its fascination. It is also easy to rinse off. Expects a lot to go wrong and end up over the bed and on the floor. So as a beginner you might want to try it in the shower first. Theres no danger of ruining valuable carpet here. For a start, you might be fascinated by watching each other urinate. Do you often wonder what sex fantasy most men have? Surprise him with one of the following scenarios and bring new momentum to your love life.

Pissing fetish in the media

In January 2017, Donald Trump was also confronted with the term. Shortly before his inauguration as President of the United States of America, a spy report was published stating that during a business visit to Russia in 2013 he allegedly paid prostitutes for pee sex games in his hotel room at Ritz-Carlton. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) also wrote the column To Pee Or Not To Pee? in the series Sex and the City after a short affair with a politician. (peeing or not peeing) about the fetish. When her new Beau expressed the wish to get pissed on by Carrie, she decided against it and was promptly dumped by her boyfriend. Sex fetishes like the Golden Shower are not everyones cup of tea. Many find this practice rather turning off and unnatural. Within the fetish scene, however, such practices are considered completely normal. If you are single and looking for new adventures, then you will surely find like-minded people in your city in online forums. If youre in a relationship, theres no reason why you shouldnt try it if your partner is open to it and agrees.

On Set with Riley Reid VR

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030 - Nikki Dream & Foxy Sanie VR

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050 - Get pissed on by Kattie Hill VR

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A Bumpy Ride (with Real 3D Squirting) VR

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The Upskirt Collection: Pussy on the First Date VR

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All Day Long VR

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Dirty Roommates VR

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